Natalie Nichole starred in a Documentary short film about her life/experience while living homeless in L.A. titled..


Watch a riveting part of Natalie Nichole's TRUE STORY of chasing her dreams being homeless in Los Angeles, California. Directed by Chris Orellana Film Crew: Kris, Issac Miller, Nolan Sykes, Julian Monk. Starring: Natalie Nichole (The Artist) & Manuela (Natalie's Mother).



"Rise & Shine" Premiered May 14th 2017 in Beverly Hills at the WGA Theater! The short film was Nominated Best Documentary & Won Best Directing For A Documentary!

NCredible Princess Singer, Songwriter Natalie Nichole!

The #SignMeToNCredible Challenge was created by Mr.NCredible himself Nick Cannon on social media outlets instagram/soundcloud & twitter January 2017!

Natalie Nichole & Nick Cannon at the Private Red Carpet Premiere of "King Of The Dance Hall" in Hollywood, CA.

Also an Actress ..

About Natalie ..   

Natalie Nichole, singer-songwriter, was born in Lubbock, Texas & raised in San Antonio, Texas. Given the birth name Natalie Nichole Carrizalez she chose to use Natalie Nichole as her stage name when she moved to California January 2016 in spite of going by "NC" or "TheOnlyNC" all her childhood & high school years. Natalie figured it'd be easier to pronounce, spell & remember Natalie Nichole instead of continuing to use her last name Carrizalez. Natalie has been performing ever since she can remember.  At a very young age, she was involved with dancing groups, talent shows, TV Shows, Commercials, and youth organizations such as NYA and HYPE. With NYA (Network for Young Artists), she gained experience throughout San Antonio, TX performing at local rodeos and festivals such as Luminaria. While a part of HYPE, Natalie helped to write songs, danced, and helped educate Texas youth about anti-bullying movements and drug and alcohol abuse prevention. 

In her junior year of high school, she was involved in the Rock Star Academy, an organization in which multi-Grammy winner Michael Morales mentors and trains aspiring artists with skills such as guitar, singing, drums, and performing. 

Natalie describes herself as a multi-tasker.  While she was a member of the Rock Star Academy, she began working on her first album titled The Differe[NC]e.  It was released on iTunes and CD on April 27th, 2012. She immediately began working on her second album titled New Kinda Feeling, which was released on iTunes and CD on June 27th, 2015. To promote her 2nd CD while continuing to work on it, she released a seven-song demo, which she used to perform at Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar in New York City.

Soon after arriving back to Texas, Natalie was randomly contacted and asked to audition a cold read of a script in Austin for CGTV.  She ended up being the #1 pick in Austin, and was given a scholarship to be mentored by Adrian R’Mante in California for the CGTV Summer Acting Intensive in June 2015.  She was given the opportunity to perform at ACME Theater in front of multiple agents, from which she received six call-backs.

Upon the realization that she could have a successful acting career, Natalie decided that she would move to California to pursue it.  When asked what she would do with her developing music career, she responded with, “I will definitely continue it. It’s my passion; my first love. There’s never going to be a day that I don’t incorporate my music in some way, shape, or form.  It’s a part of who I am.”

Natalie is a member of ASCAP, which is an organization for singer-songwriters and producers.  Since this organization is based in California, she looks forward to being involved in the conventions and network with other artists in the industry. While living in Burbank, California starting at the beginning of 2016 Natalie jumped right into work becoming an UBER DRIVER, being involved in the CGTV Pilot Program with Adrian R'Mante, rubbing elbows in the studio with the likes of Smitty Soul (Credits: Chris Brown, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj etc.), Ron Aniello (Credits: EMPIRE, Bruce Springsteen, Shania Twain.), Pusha Rod (Credits: YG, Dreezy.), Rita Wilson & gaining even more experience in songwriting in sessions for artists like Disney Star CoCo Jones.

Natalie became homeless shortly after her 22nd birthday for 10months while living in California but that didn't stop her from continuing to work, becoming an extra for more money & still pursuing her dreams! While surviving in L.A. a few CSUN college students asked to do a Documentary-Short on Natalie for their graduating project that'd premiere in Beverly Hills at the WGA Theater; Nominated for Best Documentary & best Director for the film. During this same time Natalie also auditioned for Nick Cannon's #SignMeToNCredible Challenge via Instagram/Youtube/Twitter & she WON! Natalie personally thinks it's destiny and if you know her personally or know even a few pieces of her story you know how significant it is that she caught the attention of Nick Cannon out of all the people she's been in front of & has worked with throughout her life.

Her short-term career goals are currently to finish the book about her life, keep getting acting roles & expanding her brand as far as her music & YouTube personality goes as well as create as much music as possible on her new venture with Nick Cannon/NCredible. Her long-term career goals are to have a successful acting career & continue building her musical career as well along with her other organizations she wishes to start to help others.  She’d like to be involved in popular TV shows and movies.  Eventually, once she gains more experience in the industry, she would like to bring to life her own written scripts and direct professionally under her own Production Company INDIENCE a branch of her original business Beasta Baby Productionz she started in the 9th grade. 

Natalie has been apart of Nick Cannon’s Projects Titled “Calling All Models (The Prequel)” & The “Fuck Him Trilogy” that released early 2018. Natalie has also released her first single titled Simple off of her upcoming EP available on all platforms! The next project she’ll feature on with Nick Cannon & The NCredible Gang is “Model Music” due to release Spring Break 2019. Natalie’s first original EP Overdue is also due to release the Summer of 2019!

Natalie would like her legacy to be for her storytelling skills because she pulls from her own life experiences to create. As she passionately expressed, “I want to be known for my heart. I express it and give back in everything that I do in the most honest & authentic way I possibly can by using all of my various talents.”