The Art of Diving ALL IN & Letting Go ..

I don't think I've ever been afraid of letting go. Actually, I'm probably way too good at letting things & people go to be brutally honest. Letting go & continuing to move forward has truly evolved into one of my main specialties. Some would call it a super power. The first time I can remember letting go was when I was 8yrs old. That's a whole other story in itself but that's when I decided for sure in my little genius mind lol that to be able to keep moving forward I HAD TO CONSTANTLY -- LET GO. That's common sense right? Yet most people don't let go of things their entire lives. It's truly an ART to master; I guess that's why they call it "The Art Of Letting Go". Now, the diving in part .. well, I think I was preparing myself for that part my whole life. Gradually, as time passed I had to let go of more & more things which automatically caused me to DIVE IN more freely into everything; productive things & some negative things (I'm human). The funny thing is I've come to realize that -- although letting go is a major thing DIVING in is just as important & you truly need both to succeed at anything you're pursuing. Once you truly dive in YOU LEARN then you can LET GO of anything that HITS you during your dive. People think it's all about letting go then you can dive into stuff but there will always be opposition no matter how free you are so knowing that you will constantly throughout your life have to LET GO WHILE YOU'RE IN A DIVE ... is key. I'm currently 22yrs old. I've been homeless (still am as of this very moment), I've been abused, I've been let down etc. but I've learned so much in these 22yrs. I'm truly a philo sophos aka lover of wisdom. You can never get enough! I feel my perspective is constantly broadened daily.. it's a beautiful thing. I wish people could step into my mind sometimes because I can't always explain in detail all of me & all I feel etc. thankfully I'm a creative & I can express bits of it but even that will never be the depth of what lies in my soul. I hope you enjoyed my shpill -- I feel I kind of spiraled off topic but I'm sure it makes some sense. Anyways .. have a blessed day! Give Love, Be Love & Be Loved! 

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I’m gonna show them how, just exactly how I do it — & I never, never, never GIVE UP!
— Natalie Nichole

Just a Video I of me singing a song I dedicated to my Mother Manuela. Who would I be without you? I love you Mom. Thank you for always supporting me & loving me & my wild, creative mind! <3

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