Why I became an Actress ..

"I became an actress so I can be every character trait that resides within me." -Natalie Nichole

"I became an actress so I can be every character trait that resides within me." -Natalie Nichole

I saw a quote from Mark Ruffalo that said "I became an actor so I didn't have to be myself." Nothing against his perspective or reasoning behind that statement but I couldn't disagree with it or him more! In my perspective I am everything, WE ALL ARE. No matter what each person has the ABILITY to be whomever or whatever they want to be. In that regard some people have dominant characteristic traits that make up their personality & how you view them & even with that they also have recessive traits floating around as well. For example my dominant character trait or state of being if you will is kind, understanding, caring & all the traits of a generally GOOD PERSON.

Someone else's dominant character traits might be the EXACT opposite. We all know people like that, right? The point of me explaining this is to show even the kindest person has moments of different characteristic traits. Although I'm kind & a good person I have moments of anger or even inconsiderateness. It doesn't happen often but I have those traits even if they aren't dominant & vice versa with someone that is opposite of me.

With that said the reason I became an actress is so I can be every character trait that resides within me. Who doesn't want to be a jerk sometimes or be crazy even though it's not really in your natural default character? I think about being wild sometimes although I'm not necessarily a wild person. What better way to be able to TAP INTO that part of me through acting or creating that character for film & not get LABELED for being that way for real? lol.

I don't know about you but to me it's a free ticket to explore yourself without getting judged not that I care about being judged lol. I love the idea of being able to dive into a dark part of me even though naturally I'm a upbeat, sunshiny type of person at first sight or first encounter & generally most of the time. I wont lie or deny though .. I have many sides to me, most people do they just don't always ALLOW them to show which is natural.

So, to sum all this up lol I became an actress to be everything I AM even my recessive traits. I like being able to pick myself apart & dive into pieces of me I wouldn't normally allow myself to be on a daily. It's a new adventure & something to have fun with. I'm currently ready to go play a sexy role now lol. Wanna join me? (; thought I'd be extra for laughs.