LABELS. What do they Label YOU as?



F*ck your labels. I KNOW WHO I AM.

People really like to ACT like they KNOW ME better than I know myself. First of all .. THE ONLY PERSON that KNOWS me BETTER THAN ME is GOD. So, if you ain't God you're already out of the category of "KNOWING" me. lol. I'm YOUNG (22yrs old) but I'm not the average -- never have been & gladly NEVER WILL BE. While everyone my age was/is partying, making babies & "being young". I was & still am writing songs, performing, thinking of business ideas/ventures, writing scripts, directing videos, creating poetry, striving etc. What interested everyone else wasn't intriguing to me, still isn't. I took the time to learn myself & I continue learning myself daily & why I react to certain things. I'm very analytical so I like to know my depth because from the jump I've always KNOWN I was different. Instead of trying to find myself in others I FIND ME within MYSELF & in GOD. You know the saying .. "True happiness lies within yourself" It's TRUE! Take the time to KNOW who YOU REALLY ARE. 

People like to put a label on you like you're SOME THING instead of a HUMAN.



3rd person present: labels

  1. 1

    attach a label to (something).

    "she labeled the parcels neatly, writing the addresses in capital letters"

    synonyms:tag, put labels on, ticket, mark

    "label each jar with the date."


You're mixed. You're black. You're hispanic. You're a woman. You're different. You're Amazing. You're stubborn. You're Rude. You're Demanding. You're Bossy. You're A Star. You're Nothing. You're Difficult. You're A Bitch. You're Thick. You're Slim. You're Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah ..

First of all .. F*CK YOU. You can go fall off somewhere with all that bull shit.

I mean that in the kindest way I CAN possiblysay that, truly.

With that said, anything YOU label me as is 99.9% of the time the VERY THING YOU YOURSELF ARE.

You CAN NOT listen to all the shit people label you as.. People will do that shit until you're DEAD. The one thing YOU CAN do though is be WHO YOU KNOW YOU ARE to the very fullest to where anyone who thinks or says otherwise gets silenced without you having to even acknowledge them.

As one of my favorite singers of all time said in her song titled Triumphant "BE ALL THAT YOU ARE & MAKE EM' ALL FALL DOWN!" -Mariah Carey 

Natalie Nichole