When you're tested ..


Natalie Nichole

God gives us battles, triumphs, lessons & tests. Some call it being highly favored when they get through the tests. Some people call it divine calling when you go after something until it happens. Some people call it their purpose to endure troubles to help others. 

I don't know about all the correct terms all I know is that God gave me a Promise/Purpose/Calling at a very young age.. & in actuality everyone on earth has these things it's just up to each individual to tap into them & or let them in.

Sometimes I feel like it's destiny. Sometimes I feel like it's my divine purpose. Sometimes I feel like it's a calling. Sometimes I even feel like it's an inevitable innate highly favored fate as long as I keep moving forward. I won't go into detail in this blog about what I know my purpose/calling/destiny/promise is only because there's not enough BLOG to write the whole story but one day there will be a book & movie about my life that'll tell ALL.

One thing I know for sure is I have a Promise. I know my God told me "I'm not writing down my story for nothing." I've endured a lot in my life. I'm never surprised when I have to tackle or triumph over another battle because after all they say God gives his toughest battles to his strongest. 

I wasn't built to break & I guess my whole point of writing this blog is to say that ..

When you're tested -- stand by all that you believe in & all that makes you -- YOU. Don't compromise your beliefs & what you feel is RIGHT in your core. God didn't give you discernment for you to overlook it.

God has a plan to catapult you into the biggest blessing of your life & although it may sound impossible God is the doer & creator of all things including impossible so it's already DONE.

Stand up for yourself & never let anyone walk all over you. There's a difference between being difficult & having standards. Keep your standards high. Don't tolerate disrespect in any form even if it means you have to give something up like a supposed "Opportunity", "Job" or "Friend" etc.


Let GO of whatever is standing against you, let God handle it. Keep moving forward & God will give you what you're supposed to HAVE. What is yours will always be YOURS. 




Natalie Nichole