1. denoting the photographic technique of taking a sequence of frames at set intervals to record changes that take place slowly over time. When the frames are shown at normal speed, or in quick succession, the action seems much faster.

Time is an interesting thing. While you're working on something everything seems to go by so slow until you're finished. When you're having fun, time seems to go by so quickly & Then you wish you could cease the moment. I've learned that when you're at peace it's the most invaluable thing. PEACE & TIME go hand & hand.

Being at peace is not an easy thing to achieve when you're going through the most though, trust me. Faith helps in the tough times but those aren't the only times you should rely on faith. every second you LIVE YOu should rely on faith.

TIme truly is a figment of thoughts -- we think we're running out of time. we think we're getting too old. we think we wont get something done. we think we're losing it. we think our world is falling apart. With all these thoughts being processed in our minds -- we think so much time is just flying by when in reality its just seconds. seconds of thoughts piling UP.

IF WE TOOK ONE OF THOSE SECONDS out of all of those piling thoughts & we were just still..

you'd find peace & if you're still enough of those seconds -- those piling thoughts can turn into prayers & that's when faith can encompass you as a starter.

there's no one way to do anything but starting at one place like in one of those seconds & finding your way the rest of the journey is a cool way to begin.

Overall, what I'm saying is .. time isn't as bad as we think it is if you count your blessings each second you're over-thinking & be still in faith. Process stuff & don't run away from your problems. 

Everything takes time.

To learn. to solve. to get over. etc. TIME IS INVOLVED -- just not the way you think.

GOD Bless.


Natalie Nichole