The Come Up .. (Insight).


Working your whole life for something 15+ years obviously gives you credibility in knowing your craft(s). 15+ years is obviously well over 10,000hrs & you know "They" say "Pay your dues. Put in your 10,000hrs & whatever you're working towards will surely be yours". I agree that those statements are true BUT if you're coming into the music industry for instance no matter how much you study, prepare or THINK you know.. you don't know until you witness it all first hand. I understand now why they call it "The Game". If I could, I'd tell you detail by detail how it all works but to be honest if you haven't experienced it or aren't currently experiencing it you'll never wrap your mind around the TRUE CONCEPT of "The Music Business" & or "Entertainment Industry".

To be honest a lot of "The Biz" is common sense business moves, investments etc. BUT most people that are into music are super oblivious & artsy about it & only visualize fame & being a singer, being a songwriter, rapper, performer from ONE VERY CLOSE MINDED PERSPECTIVE & forget that the "MUSIC BUSINESS" has the BUSINESS part in it for a reason. I think it's wonderful wanting to OWN all your art etc. so if FAME or A BIG PROFILE or BEING WELL KNOWN & HAVING A BIGGER PLATFORM is what you want you have to come to grips that you won't OWN everything you create & YOU WILL have writers that work WITH YOU etc. this is for the Music/Acting/Entertainment Industries.

Every ONE person that is WELL known & has over 100million followers etc. has a TEAM behind them if it were only THEMSELVES working they obviously wouldn't get very far. Have you ever heard the statement "Teamwork makes the dream work?" Well, it's TRUE 1,000 percent. Have you noticed that some of the people that are famous but OWN everything are underrated, not a part of ALL BIG EVENTS, TELEVISED SHOWS/PROMO? Well, that's because they don't have a team working on their behalf. Compare Prince & Michael Jackson one is super main stream & EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD KNOWS HIM, ABOUT HIM & TONS OF DETAILS ABOUT EVERYTHING HE'S EVER WORKED ON & the other is under wraps & you just know he's GREAT. I'll let you figure out who's who in that statement. That type of scenario happens a lot in the industry. 

It all comes down to what you're REAL GOALS ARE..

My personal goal is to be on the biggest platform I can possibly be on to tell the WORLD MY TESTIMONY & JOURNEY WITH GOD.

I am a singer, songwriter & take pride in being a writer but I'm well aware of how the industry works now & I'm more than fine co-writing with other talented people to be on the platform I NEED to be on to tell my story! I'm also well aware that I can always create & write my own songs like I always have on the side & release them on my own like I always have & it not interfere with my Label work & obligations -- no one is taking away my freedom or my creative abilities.

I also know I want to do other things besides just be a artist, singer, songwriter, performer so that calls for being able to be diverse & work with others on ANY platform & be open minded in Creating.

My advice for anyone wanting to be known for your art.. figure out WHY you want to be known & what you want to contribute then understand what it'll truly take to achieve that. It may not look or be exactly how you first imagined it at 8yrs but ANYTHING is possible but be REALISTIC & understand that the business is a business & TEAMWORK is the dream whether you realize it yet or not. The entire industry is built off of piggy back rides & investing in each other.

THINK ABOUT ALL I SAID -- it's true & take from it what you will. There's so much more detail I can say about my personal journey/come up but it's easier to explain in person. If you have any questions feel free to message me or contact me on social media. 


Sincerely, Natalie Nichole

Natalie Nichole