The Supreme Team

If you would have told me 10yrs ago everything would’ve turned out like this I would’ve said “That’s not how it’s supposed to go but I’m glad it’s going to be GREAT regardless!” If you would’ve told me 5yrs ago it’d be like this I would have said “That’s odd but Okay!”. 2yrs ago I would’ve said “No, I trust them — it’ll be okay. I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt for a bit with SEEMINGLY NO OTHER OPTION & currently BE IN THE MOST PERFECT POSITION I COULD EVER BE IN RIGHT NOW TODAY! The Supreme Team is never who or what you expect but it always turns out RIGHT somehow especially when Gods tour guide! It’s amazing. One day in the movie of my life I’ll be able to go into detail about it all but for now just know the SUPREME TEAM does exist & yours does too it just takes a bit to find them all!

Natalie Nichole